ZepTerra offers its future clients extraordinary construction quality with emphasis on natural materials, careful selection of equipment in accordance with state-of-the-art technologies and energy efficiency requirements.

  • Facade joinery

          Aluminium-wood high-quality windows

  • Parquet

          Multi-layer parquet by a renowned                                          manufacturer; colour - natural oak


  • Ceramics of the renowned international manufacturer 

           - Bathroom / kitchen – granite ceramics,                                 premium quality

           -Terrace – antislip granite tiles, premium quality

  • Sanitary facilities

          Acrylic bathtub, faucets, walk-in shower cabins,            soft-close toilet bowls, built-in flusher, with                      accompanying bathroom accessories of                            renowned producers. 

  •  Internal door

          MDF door painted with polyurethane paint

  • Entrance door

          Security MDF doors with veneered oak on both            sides and wooden doorstep.

  •  Heating system

        The building is connected to the central city                     heating system. Built-in radiators, and towel                     dryers in the bathrooms.

All images are given for illustrative purposes only. Images of interior and exterior are not part of the sales offer. For further information please contact the authorized sales representative.


Zabranjeno je kopiranje, preuzimanje u reklamne svrhe ili bilo koja druga zloupotreba materijala na stranici prava zadržava investitor