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Vrhunski kvalitet ZepTerre potvrdio British Safety Council

Stambeno-poslovni kompleks ZepTerra na Novom Beogradu predstavlja prvi projekat investitorske kuće Yihai Properties Group u Srbiji. Za njegovu izgradnju odgovorna je partnerska firma China Construction Front Group, koja je nedavno dobila priznanje International Safety Award by British Safety Council.


ZepTerra will soon welcome its first tenants

The luxury complex celebrates the completion of the concrete structure. Despite the bad weather, numerous guests and media representatives responded to the invitation to celebrate the completion of the concrete structure of the magnificent ZepTerra complex in Novi Beograd.


Vrhunski opremljeni stanovi

Uverite se u kvalitet stambeno-poslovnog kompleksa ZepTerra! Smešten na ekskluzivnoj lokaciji na Novom Beogradu, u Bloku 65, na uglu ulica Tadije Sondermajera i Heroja sa Košara stambeno-poslovni kompleks ZepTerra svojim stanarima će ponuditi premijum kvalitet, sofisticiran dizajn i zelene površine, kao savršen kutak za relaksaciju i beg od stresa.


Smart, comfortable and safe

For all of you who are looking for the ideal place to live, the ZepTerra residential and business complex is the best solution.

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It has never been easier to buy a modern apartment that exudes luxury and sophistication. Life in a metropolis like Belgrade hides many...

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The renowned global developer invests in the serbian market

The Chinese company Yihai Properties Group has built facilities across the world spanning 8 million square metres so far, and...


Safety with international experience

Yihai Properties Group was founded in 1989 and it has been recording constant success both in the real estate market and in numerous...


Safety first

Underground garages, which will be constructed to the highest standards, will first and foremost be characterized by safety...


ZepTerra green oasis

Luxurious parks, that will decorate ZepTerra complex, will become a new symbol of Blok 65...


Infinite harmony of living

ZepTerra project will be located in New Belgrade, Block 65, between Kosare’ Heroes Boulevard and Tadije Sondermajera Street...

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Life in a metropolis such as Belgrade hides many magical and small, beautiful untold stories. Creating an ideal life story...

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Living in harmony is spelled ZepTerra

Yihai Properties Group, real estate development company guarantees the quality of construction of the fantastic complex that is ZepTerra...

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ZepTerra – A place where life starts

The new residential and business complex, ZepTerra, is located in one of the most desirable parts of Novi Beograd...


ZepTerra – Luxury at your fingertip

Block 65 in Novi Beograd has long since become the business epicentre of the capital, while in the last few years, thanks to...

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