It has never been easier to buy a modern apartment that exudes luxury and sophistication

Life in a metropolis like Belgrade hides many magical, small, and beautiful untold stories.


Creating our ideal life oasis is the dream that many of us have. We are looking to connect the two, seemingly opposite sides of life in a big city - the urban, business zone and the peaceful embrace that our home provides. 


The Chinese company Yihai Properties Group has built facilities across the world spanning 8

million square metres so far, and has started the construction of the ZepTerra residential and

business complex in the most attractive location in Novi Beograd.

Partners with international experience

Yihai Properties Group was founded in 1989, and has continuously recorded success, either when it comes to real estate market or in countless financial investments.

Safety first

For each of the four phases of the construction of the complex, a two-story parking space will be provided. Underground garages, which will be constructed to the highest standards, will first and foremost be characterized by safety.

Zepterra green oasis

A green oasis within this magnificent complex will be an ideal place where the youngest will be able to enjoy their play and carefree childhood...

Infinite harmony of living

Kindergartens, primary schools, faculties, healthcare centres, sports amenities, commercial and shopping zone, are some of the facilities that will be located in immediate vicinity of your new home, contributing to the easiness of life that will meet all the needs of your family members.

Peacefulness in a city that never sleeps

Many people dream about creating an ideal life story within the city that never sleeps. ZepTerra, residential-commercial complex, reflects perfect symbiosis of two seemingly opposite sides of life in a big city – urban, commercial zone on one side and peaceful oasis of a home on another.

Life harmony is spelled ZepTerra

The new residential and business complex, ZepTerra, will be located in block 65, next to the Boulevard of Heroes from Košar and Tadija Sondermayer Street. It will be characterized by sophisticatedly designed apartments ...

ZepTerra - The place where life begins

The new residential and business complex Zepterra is located in one of the most desirable locations in New Belgrade

Zepterra - Luxury at your fingertips

New Belgrade's Block 65 has long since become the business epicenter of the capital, while in the last few years, with new and modern housing projects, it has taken over the primacy when it comes to the perfect location for housing. One of the most attractive residential and business complexes,

Zabranjeno je kopiranje, preuzimanje u reklamne svrhe ili bilo koja druga zloupotreba materijala na stranici prava zadržava investitor