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ZepTerra will soon welcome its first tenants

The luxury complex celebrates the completion of the concrete structure

Despite the bad weather, numerous guests and media representatives responded to the invitation to celebrate the completion of the concrete structure of the magnificent ZepTerra complex in Novi Beograd. Baoyuan Sun addressed those present on behalf of the developer Yihai Properties Group saying that Chinese people believe that rain brings progress and confirmed that the construction works will go according to plan.

"There is a saying in China that rain brings prosperity. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this project, especially colleagues from the China Construction Front Group. I am also very honoured to be with you today to celebrate this important moment. ZepTerra is a top quality residential facility and after 10 months of hard work, I can confirm that the Yihai Properties Group will deliver on its promise and finish it on time. We love this country and I think that this complex is an indicator of strong friendship between China and Serbia.”

Goran Živković, Director of the Serbian branch of the leading real estate consultancy, CBS International, part of the Cushman & Wakefield Group, pointed out that it was great that the Yihai Properties Group brought its international experience to our capital, and that the ZepTerra complex would change the appearance of this location for better.

"This fantastic facility will improve the appearance of this location and bring additional quality to the lives of people who will buy apartments here. I hope that this is just the beginning of Yihai’s investments in Serbia and that we will see more of their new projects which will positively impact the city’s development. I also believe that we will meet again in a few months, to mark the end of the first phase in the construction of the ZepTerra complex."

This exclusive building is located in Block 65, on the corner of Bulevar Heroja sa Košara and Tadija Sondermajer Street. Modernly equipped apartments, ranging in size from two- to five-bedroom, with a ceiling height of 2.83 meters, panoramic windows, top-notch joinery and the parquet floor, will welcome their first tenants in 2022. The proximity of the river, sports facilities, health care institutions, business and shopping areas will make their life in ZepTerra perfect.

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